Small Town
Population: 2,000 (85% Plainsfolk Human, 5% Badlands Human, 5% Badlands Dwarf, 5% other) 8 Sq miles.

Notable Locations:

Shrine of Nocturne: A large stone statue located in the center of town in the likeness of Nocturne holding up her holy symbol, a crescent moon. The town folk have a small ceremony at each waning crescent moon in which they place offering at the shrine and hold a banquet with all the town’s inhabitants. They do this so that Nocturne will bless the town for another lunar cycle.

Ajani’s Sanctuary: A small temple that houses what’s left of the Midnight Walkers. a society of spirit shamans that founded the city before it became a part of the Haradrim Empire. The head of the temple serves as the town’s leader and is highly respected by the community.

Larsa is a small farming town that resides close to the Delta of the Haradrim River and provides a large portion of the empires produce. Citizens of the town obviously revere Nocturne above all other Deities and draw power from the blessings of moonlight.

Citizens from Larsa can use Handfire as a spell like ability once per day or gain Nimbus of Light as a bonus feat.


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